#TravelNBlog 4 – Something Different

We’re back with a short report on our previous #TravelNBlog event. This time, we did it in Jakarta by popular demand. There’s a lot of people in Jakarta and amongst them are a lot of bloggers. We thought, we’d give the Big Durian another go.

travelnblog-workshop-travel-blogger-jakarta-55 (1)

However, there are a few  different things this #TravelNBlog. First of all, we’re doing this post in English. We gotta go international at some point and maybe intergalactic in the future. Woot! Second, we worked with the Jakarta Good Guide, friends that work in making great tours in Jakarta, specifically walking tours. Jakarta is so resourceful, especially after knowing these guys. The seemingly jaded Pasar Baru turns out to have a lot of history. Being the business district and elite neighborhood back in the colonial days, Pasar Baru turns out to have interesting corners both. The route itself was something new, being tested once a few weeks before us. By looks of it, the route might be on the Jakarta Good Guide’s schedule soon.


travelnblog-workshop-travel-blogger-jakarta-27 (1)



Finally, the thing that was different this time was we had a special guest for our talk show. This time, we managed to get Trinity, one of Indonesia’s top travel bloggers. She’s been blogging since 2005 and has been sharing travel stories, even before the Internet became a thing. We had tried to get her for previous #TravelNBlogs, but never could fit in her schedule. But, lucky for Jakarta, she could attend it. Aside to listening to her journey in travel blogging, the participants were also eager to ask questions about travel blogging challenges she had face in the past and tips for future use. One thing is for sure, she got to where ever she is now with a lot of hard work, haters and all.


As for the fun, well… what are we if we didn’t have just a little. One of our favorite and absurd part of the workshop has to be the line of participants waiting to shake hands and take individual photos with Trinity by the end of the workshop. We dubbed Trinity the chancellor of our ‘school’, where we’re merely deans.




We’re so flattered that bloggers are still enthusiast with our event, even during this second time around. We’re grateful!

We’d also take a big and extended thank you to those supporting our event:

- CIMB Niaga Indonesia

- Hotel Quickly

- Dwidaya Tour

- Blue Bird Group

- Get Lost Magazine, and

- GagasMedia.

We’re managing the next #TravelNBlog. Where should we do it?